Find Work

Finding a job can be hard. But it is possible.

Here is information on getting a job. It is for people who are on the autism spectrum or people who have an intellectual disability. 

Find a job you like at a company with inclusive hiring. See what it’s like to work during COVID-19.

Advice for Finding a Job

Here is some useful information to help you find a job.


Should I Work During COVID-19?

A guide to help you decide about working during COVID-19.

How Jobs Have Changed During COVID-19

What is different now, including working from home and who is hiring.

Find Work

How do I find a job?

What you need to think about and do to get a job.

How do I work with an agency?

What employment agencies do, and how they can help you.

Interview for a job

How Do I Prepare for Interviews?

Job interview tips and other information to help you get ready.

Tips to Handle Disappointment

How to help yourself feel better if you don’t get the job, or you lose your job.
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