At Work

Work can be rewarding but it can also be hard. Being well-prepared can help you be successful.   

Know your rights as an autistic person or a person with an intellectual disability. Know your responsibilities. Learn how to get help from your boss.

Congratulations – You have a job! Your efforts paid off.

Know your rights as an autistic person or a person with an intellectual disability. Know your responsibilities too.


Learn how to get support from your boss or a job coach. Learn what to expect during COVID-19 too.

Advice At Work

Here is some useful information to help you be successful at work.

Start a New Job

Start your Job

How to get ready to start your new job.

What a Safe Workplace Looks Like

What your employer has to do to keep you safe and well.

Work Safely During COVID-19

Stay Safe on Transit During COVID-19

Tips to keep you safe on the bus, train, or other public transit during COVID-19.

Job Coaching During COVID-19

What a job coach is, and how a job coach can support you.

Your Rights and Responsibilities During COVID-19

What the law says you and your employer have to do during COVID-19.

In Your Workplace

Work Well with Coworkers

How to build good relationships with the people you work with.

Ask your Boss for Help

How to ask your boss for what you need to be successful at work.
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